Chinese Beauty Buyer
Summary of Chinese Beauty Buyer

The Chinese Beauty Shopper

Skincare sells x of every 10 beauty products 7
Skincare covers all consumers 7
Introduction 8
Data traceable to source 8
Leading cities 8
Sales volumes 8
Multi platform 8
Presentation of findings/structure of report 9
Quotations 9
Updates 9
The x outranks all other body parts 10
Top selling x skincare formulations 10
The multi functional x x 10
Many many brands in China 11
Premium skincare is dominated by imported brands 11
TABLE 1 The top 5 brands in premium skincare (in terms of sales and consumer recognition) 11
Brands – sales volumes, versus respect/confidence 12
Brands and the nuclear fall-out 12
TABLE 2 Premium skincare and beauty brands in iconic stores (x names) 13
TABLE 3 Premium skincare brands men (x names) 13
TABLE 4 Premium “natural” skincare brands (x names) 13
Natural and the medical are x in China 14
TABLE 5.0 Top selling skincare brands of Estee Lauder (selected stores) 14
TABLE 5.1 Top selling skincare brands of L’Oreal (selected stores) 14
TABLE 6 Brands most mentioned on social media (x names) 15
France dominates beauty brands 15
TABLE 7.0 The top selling product categories in x cosmetics 16
TABLE 7.1 x cosmetics and the internet 16
TABLE 8 x cosmetic brands in iconic stores (x names) 16
Make up buyers are younger than skincare buyers 17
x take from make up 17
The beauty buying transaction 18
Spending as % of income 18
TABLE 9 Spending in beauty retailers as % of income (women) 18
Beauty buyers seldom exceed their “x threshold” 19
Volume (RMB) of beauty counter sales (examples) 19
TABLE 10 Skincare price segments (RMB per unit) premium and popular 20
TABLE 11 Skincare price segments, and well known brands 20
Value must be commensurate with price 20
Discounts for store members 20
Imports increased prices 20
Low end consumers most price resistant 21 TABLE 12 Beauty spending in different retail channels / price segments 21
Summary 22
TABLE 13 Purchasing criteria for beauty products 22
TABLE 14 Purchasing criteria, specific to premium skincare products 22
Different motivations for 23
More than just the basic 23
Blemishes, soothing, and eyes 23
Simplify life 23
Summary 24
TABLE 15 Expectations of the beauty department 24
… expectations of the display and presentation 24
… expectations when in front of the products 24
Male beauty buyers, display strategies 25
Summary 26
TABLE 16 The buying experience (the essential retailer actions) 26
TABLE 17 Step 1 The Greeting of the client 26
TABLE 18 Step 2 The opening questions asked of beauty buyers 27
TABLE 19 Step 3.0 How products are introduced 27
TABLE 20 Step 3.1 Questions to identify a customer’s skin problems/needs 28
TABLE 21 Step 3 How to recommend products and the information to provide 28
In-store validation and product demonstrations 29
TABLE 22 Step 4. The skin analysis x or x 29
Summary 30
TABLE 23 Shopping experiences that alienate buyers 30
Staff attitudes negative, examples 30
Regulated manners 30
Hard sell rather than brand neutral 30
A lack of information, not answer if it will it suit me? 31
A red flag goes up for buyers when they … 31
Prices that are too good to be true 31
Carelessness about your display can be interpreted as x 31
Shoddy torn x 31
Mistakes in pricing 32
Summary 33
TABLE 24 Market opportunities in premium skincare 33
x balms 33
Affordable anti ageing for the x 33
Solving some common problems can be problematic 34
Natural ingredients favoured by Chinese beauty buyers 34
Algae 34
High tech products – pharmaceutical, medical, doctors, and TCM 34
Natural – ethical / cruelty free 34
Advice on beauty regimes is a market opportunity 35
Summary 36
The best stores offer constant quality reassurance 36
Online and rumours 36
Label and prices indicator of safety, not just x 36
Risky retail or sharp practice 37
Very low prices can mean it’s a x 37
Media reports keep fears alive 37
Vigilant buyers 37
Summary 38
Counters in department stores inspire trust (key factors) 38
Counters save time 38
The store’s huge choice of products serves many functions 38
Choice creates need for x 39
Buying gifts requires help 39
The best stores offer buyers the very latest products 39
Do not be belated / behindhand 40
TABLE 25 Beauty advisors are trusted because they are … 40
Helping buyers to make the best decision 40
The beauty consultation is commonplace 40
Advice helps busy and tired women develop sustainable skincare regime 41
Conflict -- time poor women believe multi-step regimes most effective 41
Advice on how to use the products must be detailed 41
UNBIASED (brand neutral) product recommendation 41
HANDS ON product experience (“testability”) 42
When buyers are too busy to try out a product? 42
The unbiased recommendation and try out (quotes) 42
Summary 43
Arguments that validate the quality of a brand / product 43
Track record, and proof/validation of 43
Functionality, proof of 43
R&D validates quality, and status as cutting edge 44
Awards validate quality, safety, functionality 44
False claims and “forbidden words” 44
Suspicions about impossible claims 44 The country of manufacture 45
Products and brands acquire national characteristics (of countries where made) 45
Views of “Made in China” 45
Attitudes to Made for me, Made for China 45
TABLE 26 Checklist of key information about a product / a company 46
Summary 47
Skincare need – 47
A catch–all category – x and x 47
Best sellers offer up to 13 whitening formulations 48
An even skin tone is free of x, x, and age x 48
Paler but not unnaturally so 48
A paler face is a x face 48
Product information for whitening formulations can be very detailed 49
Skincare products to soothe sensitive skin 49
Balms the latest catch all category 49
Balms are day long 50
TABLE 27 Balms tick many boxes 50
TABLE 28 The extremely multi functional balm … solves 10 problems 50
The next generation products are not blemish balms (BB) but x 50
Korea a launch pad for x, and much else in beauty in China 51
Formulations for Chinese skin and weather conditions 51
Products should cope with extreme seasonal variations 51
Skin cleaning – surface, deep, extraction 51
Skincare products for the x area 52
Chinese eyes subject to x conditions 52
Advice offered in extreme detail 52
Summary 53
TABLE 29 Countries and brand perceptions 53
TABLE 30 Brands for skin that is ageing, young, dry, oily, or sensitive 53
Example of the multiple claims made by a popular brand with “mature complexions” 54
TABLE 31 Brands for skin cleaning, and make up removal 54
TABLE 32 Brands for the eye area 54
TABLE 33 Brands for skin whitening 55
TABLE 34 Brands, blemish balms and control creams 55
Brands formulated for Chinese type of skin and environment 55
Brands known for natural ingredients 55
Popular natural ingredients (list of) 56
Natural mineral water, many brands 56
Summary 57
Upmarket beauty retailers 57
Mid-market beauty retailers 57
The H&B chains where beauty is 70% of sales 57
Beauty retailer marketing (example): “enhance your sex appeal, and job prospects” 58
Beauty retail, an ongoing upgrade (store and online) 58
Summary 59
TABLE 35 The traditional information sources used by older beauty buyers 59
Young buyers are on a different platform 59
Millions online and over 1 in x internet users read/write blogs (“government of the mouth”) 59
TABLE 36 Type of online sites beauty buyers consult 60
Online/offline mimic each others strengths 60
Important players in online beauty 60
TABLE 37 What beauty buyers look for on beauty store’s web site 61
Summary 62
TABLE 38 Check list key selling factors for Chinese beauty buyers 62
China birthplace of millions of new beauty buyers 62
Safety 62
Literate, informed consumers 62
Is there anything left to talk about 63
Natural beauty 63
Natural combined with high tech, and medicalized beauty 63
Products for a beauty regime that matches lifestyles 63
TABLE 39 Check list for counter / store information 64
Help buyers optimize their short time in store 64
Make speed reading possible 64
TABLE 40 Brands, common name and variant name in China 65
Marketing Channel Experts 66
Screening/selection of experts 66
Data verifiable and traceable to source 66
Confidentiality 66
Face-to-Face interviews 66
Languages 66
Beauty retailers interviewed include 67
Geographical coverage 67
Physical stores and online 67
INDEX OF COMPANY AND BRAND NAMES......................................................
DIAGONAL REPORTS STATEMENT.....................................................................

Summary of Chinese Beauty Buyer
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