What products will the beauty buyer want in 2026? What different consumer behaviours and expectations are driving new demands in hair and skin care? What are the new categories being created as a result?

We describe that new beauty market, those new hair and skincare solutions and determine the impact of changes in behaviour and expectations on product demand.
Our global research network plugs into 'lead' beauty buyers in each country, that is buyers with more advanced and specialised needs. Their changing demands allow us to predict where the beauty market is going.

We are constantly interviewing beauty, hair and skincare category experts (i.e., at point of sale) in their place of work and own language or dialect, in the largest consumer markets in the Americas, in Europe, Asia and Africa about changes in consumer behaviour and in product demand.

Key Learnings on the Beauty Consumer Behaviour and Market of the Future

Benefit from trends. Each report in our series of Key Learnings focuses on a specific emerging market category or segment in which beauty players must compete in order to maintain market share and / or increase product sales. It's the need-to-know intelligence - we explain the new consumer beauty behaviours worldwide that are driving growth in these particular categories and segments and the determine the potential market size. We evaluate winners and losers.
Contact us for the detailed table of contents and information (methodology, sources, price) of each report.

The Dermabrasion Scenario - At Home Facial Abrasion
(Cleansing has been upgraded and morphed into something much bigger, bringing anti-ageing and blemish correction with it. At home facial abrasion based skin care delivers glowing, smooth skin. We explain why this is the new 'Botox' in beauty and how all skin care brands must adapt.)

Adjusting to the New Beauty Paradigm - Winners and Losers
(The beauty market was almost exclusively cosmetic until very recently. But for the foreseeable future it will rest on three pillars of wellness, technological and cosmetic beauty. Learn about the new competition - posed by concepts from far outside 'the cosmetic box' - with which legacy brands must compete and collaborate and the product opportunities being created.)

Brand Equity in the Chinese Premium Skin Care Market
(China will shortly become the world's largest skin care market. Learn the specifics of Chinese skin care buyer behaviour, what factors (pricing and non pricing)are valued by consumers and the best ways to tap into this market demand for quality skin care brands.)

Brand Equity in the African Hair care Market
(The number of buyers is growing. Many millions of first generation consumers are entering the market. They 'overspend' on hair care for specific reasons. Learn about the different behaviour and expectations of the African hair and scalp care consumer and the market being created.)

Pedi Market and Consumer Behaviour
(We explain the footcare category, consumer behaviour and demand for devices.)

New Hair Styling Behaviours
(A new hair styling market, with demand for different types of smoothing and brushing products, is being created. Consumers have new expectations and their behaviour has changed. Learn about the products and technologies that are inspiring innovations.)

Analysis Reports on Beauty Consumer Behaviours, Product Demand and Markets

Our analysis reports deliver a global perspective on the largest and most lucrative beauty markets and granularity of detail on the consumer expectations, behaviours and regimes that underpin demand for products and brands in those markets. Our client companies rely on the specific details to take decisions.
We provide detailed table of contents, sample pages, methodology, sample sizes, beauty, hair and skincare experts interviewed, etc., on any of our analysis reports on request and are always happy to answer questions.

The Wellness Mode That Is Shaping Beauty Consumption
(The wellness culture is now realigning consumers' beauty expectations.The legacy beauty industry along with pharma/health and food/nutrition industries must innovate and/or reformulate in order to sell to these consumers.)

Retailers and the Reconfiguration of Beauty
( Opportunities in the Modern Beauty Culture for Retailers and Department Stores)

New Devices and Solution Turning Dermatology (Rx & OTC) Market on its Head
(New Solutions and Devices That Come From Outside the Traditional Dermatology Channel)

Disruption in Dermatology
(The Emergence of Functional Beauty in Key Skincare Market Segments and Its Impact on Dermatology)

Beauty Market of the Future will be Less Ingredient-Centric and Less Cosmetic-Centric
(Beauty Ingredients 2016-2026 A New Competitive Space)

Beauty Competes In a New Cosmetic World Increasingly Defined by and Measured Against, Pharmaceutical Products
(New Paradigm in Beauty)

Future Scenario in US Skincare. Opportunities, Trends, Challenges
US Skin Care Roadway 2016 - 2026

Trends Shaping Beauty Consumer Behaviour and Demand for Products

Some trends that we are following in the global beauty, hair, skin and body care market to which you should pay particular attention because they are shaping tomorrow's market - demand for new products and solutions. Many of these articles have appeared in the leading beauty press magazines and publications around the world or our analyst has been interviewed about them in business media in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, France, USA, UK, Germany, etc.

Beauty in transition

Beauty caught where technologies coverge

Death by a thousand cuts for legacy beauty brands refusing to change

Beauty consumer touch points and new beauty marketing 2015 A new gold standard in beauty advertising and marketing

Beauty behaviour of hair and skincare 'overspenders' - the missing piece of the product formulation puzzle

Cosmetic loses its monopoly of Beauty

New beauty lexicon: industry and consumers are out of sync

Changing needs of skincare buyers

Hair management offers market today what colouring offered in late 1990s

Scientific skincare market: When natural is medical

China Beauty Market: When price is a proxy for quality

Emerging market consumer demands 'For-Me' formulations

Science confers credibility on skincare brands

Beauty interest communities displace advertisers and marketeers and dictate the agenda

Screens and the skincare market 2014

Beauty market and consumer of 2020. Analysis and schematic map

Beauty dialogue for e-commerce

Beauty device market

Mega skincare project

Rise of the chemophobe consumer

Client Feedback and Media Coverage

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