Our beauty consumer analysis is different - based on market realities. We interview beauty marketing channel experts worldwide - New York to London, Lagos to Tokyo, Shanghai to Seoul - in their place of work about changes in consumer demand for beauty products and solutions - the very future of beauty.

Papers on Global Beauty Market

Our papers on global beauty consumer behaviour and market trends help product formulators and retailers to understand and appreciate the implications of change.

All analyses are based on our on-going research of the haircare and skincare market worldwide.

Cosmetic loses its monopoly of Beauty
New Beauty Lexicon: industry and consumers are out of sync
Changing needs of skincare buyers
Hair management offers market today what colouring offered in late 1990s
Scientific Skincare Market: When natural is medical
China Beauty Market: When price is a proxy for quality
Emerging Market Consumer Demands 'For-Me' Formulations
Science Confers Credibility on Skincare Brands
Beauty Interest Communities Displace Advertisers and Marketeers and Dictate the Agenda
Screens and the Skincare Market 2014
Beauty Market and Consumer of 2020. Analysis and Schematic Map
Beauty Dialogue for E-Commerce
Beauty Device Market
Mega Skincare Project
Rise of the Chemophobe Consumer

Global Consumer Beauty Behaviour and Regimes Reports

Sub-Saharan African Beauty (Hair and Skin) Consumer Behaviour and Regimes 2015
(Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia)

Global Skincare (Facial) Consumer Regimes and Behaviour 2015
(USA, Europe, Asia)

North African Beauty (Hair and Skin) Consumer Behaviour and Regimes 2015
(Algeria, Egypt, Morocco)

Middle Eastern Beauty (Hair and Skin) Consumer Behaviour and Regimes 2015
(Saudi Arabia, UAE)

Media Coverage

We present our findings on the Future of Beauty and other aspects of the market at conferences around the world - HBA, New York; Cosmoprof Asia, Hong Kong; Professional Beauty, London, UK; In-Cosmetics, Paris, France and Global Spa and Wellness Summit, Bali, Indonesia.

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