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Listen to interview on PowerFM radion station (South Africa) on South African and Sub-Saharan African haircare. Audio on request

Beauty behaviour of hair and skincare 'overspenders' - the missing piece of the product formulation puzzle

Cosmetic loses its monopoly of Beauty

New Beauty Lexicon: industry and consumers are out of sync
Changing needs of skincare buyers

Hair management offers market today what colouring offered in late 1990s

Scientific Skincare Market: When natural is medical

China Beauty Market: When price is a proxy for quality

Emerging Market Consumer Demands 'For-Me' Formulations

Science Confers Credibility on Skincare Brands

Beauty Interest Communities Displace Advertisers and Marketeers and Dictate the Agenda

Screens and the Skincare Market 2014

Beauty Market and Consumer of 2020. Analysis and Schematic Map

Beauty Dialogue for E-Commerce

Beauty Device Market

Mega Skincare Project

Rise of the Chemophobe Consumer
Demographics and Consumer Behaviour Create a New Skincare Project

Forecast of 250m skincare devices sold in 15 years

Bringing Harley St Beauty to the Home. Technology transforms skincare benchmarks

Era of Chemophobe Consumer - When Kitchens More Creative than Company Lab

Brazil is the largest hair straightening market in the world.

“Made-in-China” label does not inspire confidence due to product safety concerns

“Wellness is the new consumer priority. Spas, with their unique mix of therapies and treatments, outperform the beauty market

“Demand for medicalised beauty outstrips supply in China

Digital Beauty Market - Growth, migration cannibalisation -
Organic brands outperform in the beauty market
The Saudi salon market – worth billions of Riyals - exploded over last decade with double digit growth rates registered annually.
The South African haircare market is growing in double digits ....expected to continue 2010 and beyond.
Hair colouring services sustain salon sales in recession-hit Mexican professional channel
New Beauty. The “Botox standard, the Viagra of the beauty world” jolts the traditional beauty market.
French consumers for weight treatment therapies want body facial – to re-shape or tone specific parts of the body
Largest salon chains are key to Chinese professional beauty market
Innovative barbers and salons tailor services and benefit from fast growing US male grooming market
Groomed hair crucial element of work appropriate dress code
Chinese weight management and/or loss clinics record double digit annual growth
Chinese beauty consumers use cosmetic laser procedures to achieve blemish free skin.
Technology catches up with consumer beauty demands to create a new and potentially blockbuster market
Phsyicians increase cash payments and reduce overheads
Future of Dental Spa Sector is Assured
New Beauty Concepts & Markets
Convenient Care Clinics Transform Delivery of Consumer Healthcare Services
  • New Smile Wide Market (US Cosmetic Dentists Embrace Dental Spa Concept)
    Obligation to look good requires total image solutions in Mexico
    High Performance Skin Protection Market Grows Strongly
    Shift towards "total beauty" fuels spa sector growth
    Demand for Hair Removal Treatments Increases in Spanish Beauty Salons and Spas
    High Growth Rates and Opportunities in the Chinese Professional Beauty Market 2007
    The democratisation of medical aesthetics fuels strong growth for medspas
    In-Cosmetics 2007 Presentation
    Asian Beauty Market Trends
    The implications of ‘the spa effect’ for hotel spas
    Chemidex users now have direct access to global beautycare market reports
    Hair salons in Egypt report double digit strong growth
    Colour brightens a stagnant market in Japan
    Hair, Skin, Face, Body Care Terms
    Future of the European Beauty Care Market - A Strategy Paper 06
    German Professional Beauty Market Companies 06
    French beauty market grows strongly 06
    Color drives Italian salon revenues 2006
    Celebrity sells for UK hairdressers 2006
    Men boost salon sales in Spain 2006
    Spa Studies (
    Salon Strategies to Grow Sales
    (Beauty-on-Line July 27, 2006)

    European Day Spa Market Grows Strongly
    Diagonal Reports A Member of Day Spa Europe
    Spa: innovation to be key
    (Beauty Business News, June 12-18, 06)

    Desire for anti-ageing boosts day spa market sales
    Anti-aging skincare market trends (HAPPI, June 06)
    Spa Effect on Bathroom Design 2006
    Hair Coloring Trends in the Global Salon Market. Hair Color Global Summit 2005 Juan les Pins. France. September 26th-27th
    "Trends and Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Professional Beauty Market"
    Cosmoprof Asia 2005. Hong Kong November 9th -11th.
    US Beauty Services Market 2005
    GSP Guide to Salon and Spa Terms (GSP 2003)
    Global Health & Fitness Club Market Trends 2002
    Key Words
    Growth in Demand for Spa Services 2001
    Demand for Private Label Brands
    Beauty Trends in India
    Consumers in Asia
    Global Stylant Trends
    Specially Formulated Haircare Products
    The Ageing Baby Boomer Haircare Market
    The Growth of the Multi-Service Salons
    The Market for Quality Personal Care Products
    The Men's Haircare Market