Diagonal Reports' Global Salon Panel (1998) interviewed experts, representing 57 million salon visits in 12 countries. This survey reviewed hair care trends, evaluated demand for services and products, and reviewed company performance.

Here are some main points.....

Demand for styling products is growing
Sales of styling products in salons have increased by up to 20%. The fastest growing consumer segments are working women, young people and those who want to straighten or defrizz hair. Working and older women style for a neat, groomed appearance. The current fashion for straight hair benefits sales of straightening and defrizzing products. Young consumers, female and increasingly male, style to ring the changes on and individualise a hair cut.

Product sales will continue to show grow strongly because they are seen as safer than other styling methods, such as perming or applicances. Styling products appeal to the many consumers who worry about damage from a chemical service (a perm), or heated appliances (hair dryers, rods, tongs, or curlers). Time-pressed consumers want styling products which can be used immediately after shampooing.

There is specific demand for special formulation and safer styling products because consumers worry that the prolonged and daily use of shampoos, hair dryers and styling products will damage hair. Special formulation styling products have a mass appeal due to the ever growing number of consumers with treated or coloured hair.

Styling products in innovative formats will outperform category growth. Young consumers prefer new formats such as waxes, gels and mousses. They regard sprays as old-fashioned.

Sales of non-spray formats such as Tigi's Bed Head - a styling wax in a stick format -and Sebastian's Laminates Drops do well. Young men one of the fastest growing consumer segments regard traditional product formats as feminine.

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