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Table of Contents - Asia Hair Straightening Market 2004

Table of Contents Hair Curling Market Worldwide 2004

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acid-based formulas
acid-based relaxer acidic acne acne specific treatment serum activator active natural ingredients add body add volume added volume adolescent and problem skin aestheticians after sun lotion ageing aging aging skin alkaline alkaline reducing agent all perm all-day hold allergic allergic skin reaction all-over color all-sensitive ammonium thioglycolate ampoules anti-ageing anti-aging anti-bacterial anti-cellulite body treatment anti-cellulite treatments anti-fungal cleansers anti-oxidants antiperspirants anti-pigment application apply colour aromatherapy asian asian formulations asian straightening ayurvedic tradition
baby baby boomers balayage baldness balm balneo-therapy bath beauty care beauty care systems treatments bio ion-retexturizing system bio-ion bio-ionic bio-ionic straightening bisulfates bitter black black hair black heads bleached bleaching blemish blocking blonde body body care body conditioning body peel body scrub body shaping body treatments booster botanicals botox bright brilliantines brittle hair broken hair shafts brown brows bust care bust refirming gel
CAOH caramelizing carcinogenic products care cement ceramic perm ceramic perming chemical chemical damage chemical formulations chemical odour chemical perms chinese diagnosis chinese facial diagnosis chinese herbal treatments chunky classic perm clay cleansers cleansing cleansing closing pores coarse cold perm collagen collagenics color colour colour blocking colour henna colour melt colour problems colourants colouring coloring colouring preparations combination combination skin compositions concentrates conditioner conditioners conditioning corkscrew corrective colour corrective colouring cortical layer cosmeceutical cosmetics cream cross-bonds curl custom care cut cutting
damage damage hair damaged hair dandruff darker colour dead deep conditioning effect deep tissue defrizz de-frizzers demi-texture perm deodorants depilation dermatologically tested dermatologists dermatology design detox program natural skin care products difficult to style hair direct direct perm disulfide bonds do-in double process dry dry hair dry skin dryness dryness-related dull
ease-of-use electrolysis emulsions enzyme skin care essential oils ethnic european skin care exfoliation exfoliators eye eye bags eye care eye contour microgel eyebrow tattoo
face face massage facial facial wax facialists facials feet finger styling firming serums fixative lotions flat looking hair flying foam wraps foils foils 3-d
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval
foot foot care treatments foot spa formats formula fragrance frequency frizz frizzy hair frosting full hair
gel gel glaze gloss
glyceryl monothioglycolate
glycolic “vacuuming” grease greasy grey groomer
guanidine hydroxide
hair hair bonds hair care hair care cosmetics hair colourants hair coloured hair colouring preparations hair creams hair damage hair dye hair growers hair growing hair loss hair oils hair removal hair removal specialists hair shaft hair spa or hot oil hair spas hair sprays hair straightening hair styles hair thinning hair tonics hair wax hand hard head health healthy looking helix perm herbal products highlighting highlights highlights 3-d hi-ri perm holding sprays hot oil humidity hydrating hydrating boosters hydrators
increase volume of hair infrared ceramic bar infuse ingredients injectables ion
ion-charged permanent straightening
ionic straightening
ion-retexturising straightening ion-retexturising system
japan no-lye-straightener
japanese straightening
lack of shine leave-on formats legs lift l6 lift light leg complex lip care liquid hair dressings liquids litho-massage lock quiff long loose waves loosen lotion lower ph lowlights lye lyophilization (freeze-drying)
make up manageability manageable manicure manicures masks massage massage oil meche medical medicated shampoos men’s care metric blocking micro peeling microdermabrasion microfoliant middle foiling moisture cream moisturizer moisturiser mousse
nosb (national organic standards board)
nail care nail polish nails natural natural ingredients natural ion complex system natural negative ion system natural negative ions natural-looking effect naturally straight naturopathy products neck negative ion negative ion system neutralizer no-lye non-colouring non-surgical alternatives no-rinse conditioner normal ph solution nutrients
oil oil treatment cream oils oily ordinary straightening organic oxidizer oxygenating line
panel paraffin wax parallel paste paste pedicure with spa massage peel peelings perfume perm permanent curl permanent makeup permanent wave permanent waving agents permed perming ph 3 - 35 ph 45 – 5 ph 9-95 ph stabilizer pharma pharmaceutical pharma-quality physician dispensed physicians pigmentation plant-sourced products polish polishers pollution pomade pomades powders pre-colour premature aging pre-shampoo pre-shampooing preventative and restorative skin care products problem skin/acne product professional proprietary prescription skin care systems protector punky pure essential oils putty
quality of water
rebond rebonding red redness reflexology reflexology regulatory relax relax the curl relaxation relaxer relaxing retexturizing system revitalizer rinse-off rinses roots rosacea
rough drying rubber
sauce scalp scalp problem scalp protector scalp sensitive/dry scrub sealing (rebonding) seawater seawater/ocean-based skin care products seaweed body treatment sectoring self-tanning sensitive serum services set lotions shampoo shaving sheen shiatsu shine shiny hair short hair shower shower gel silicone silk silky smooth simple rebonding skin skin bleaching skin care skin care treatments skin lightening line skin tone skin whitening slicing smoother snow care soap sodium hydroxide soft soft curls softener softer solutions spa spa body care spa products special care specialists specialized therapeutic serums specific skin needs speed speed waxing spf 15 spiky split ends split ends spray spritzes stabilizer steam room stick stick pomades sticky straight straight hair straighten straighten (60% of curl) straighten and shine straighten cream straightener straightening strands streaks strengthener stress stretch marks stylants style style gel style glaze style mousse style shine gel style spray style styling styling aids sun care sunscreens from spf 4 to 30 super sweet swedish sweet
tai chi taiwan tanning tanning bath tanning spray (one hour) teenagers temporary curl texture texture (“scrunch”) short hair texturiser texturize therapeutic and moisturizing creams therapeutic bath oils therapeutic body products therapeutic gel masks therapies therapy thermal protectant thermal reconditioning thermal reconditioning thermal straightening thick thin thinning thinning hair thio threading three-in-one treatment to resurface/smooth skin tight toners touchable treatment treatment dandruff treatment makeup treatments t-sections
under layer of hair underarms upper lip varnish volume volumiser volumising volumising perm volumize volumizing
wart removal wave wave (slight) wave activator wave coloured hair wave hair wave loose waving wavy wax wax legs wax underarm waxing weave perm weaving weight loss weightless wellness wellness therapies wet white heads whitening wind care wiry wrinkle removal