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The Weight Treatment Therapies Market France 2008
(Body reshaping, toning, firming)

August 2008

The largest group of French consumers for weight treatment therapies actually want a “facial for the body” – that is, to re-shape or tone specific parts of the body - rather than lose weight.

Intense social pressure to be slim and fit looking in France as elsewhere drives high growth rates for weight treatment therapies and products.

Demand for weight treatment therapies in France is growing strongly. Sales are increasing at 7% annually. An ever larger number of overweight people and the widespread desire to lose unwanted weight for health and fashion related reasons are driving sales for weight control therapies. This market could be worth almost Euro 0.5bn

Consumers who need only lose a few kilos or the appearance of losing a few kilos account for most of this market. Weight treatment therapies are used to shed kilos but most usually to improve the shape of the body by firming or re-shaping specific parts.

Time pressed consumers opt for a service – passive exercise. Passive weight control methods are the preferred option because they are effortless. This is an increasingly important issue for consumers with busy lifestyles, particularly working women with children.

New technology meets the needs of new consumers. Equipment-based therapies stimulate the reduction of weight and/or massage the body in order to tone or firm body parts. Therapeutic massages or laser treatments are superior to many previous methods. Services are customised for different consumer segments and their different life stages. The treatment can be/is directed at the parts of the body which consumers want improved. The therapies are considered as safe (that is, with no side effects) and results can be verified. This new technology has overcome major consumer concerns with the weight control and diet industry, namely failure to see results/lose weight and the worry of being sold ineffective and untested methods. Exaggerated and false claims have dogged the sector worldwide.

Weight treatment therapies are sold as part of programmes which provide ongoing maintenance as their effect is cosmetic and temporary. Consumers pay in advance for these programmes which also generate important sales of products. Indeed, product sales can account for approx 33% of revenues in weight treatment therapy clinics.

This market will continue to outperform and sales increases of up to 10% are expected annually for weight treatment therapies. Prospects are so positive because a fit and slim body has become a must in a society where social attitudes to overweight people are perceived as negative and being overweight is believed to damage career prospects.

Products retailed:
Diet foods (Low calorie, high protein foods, meal replacements)
• Diet supplements (vitamins)
• Herbal teas
• Slimming cosmetics (anti-cellulite topical products, body care (scrubs, toners), essential oils)
• Beauty products cosmetics e.g. skin, anti-ageing, hair care, foot care,

This report, Weight Treatment Therapies Market France 2008 is published in August. All findings are based on interviews with slimming club and weight management experts. The report examines consumer behaviour, demand for body-reshaping and toning, top ranked equipment, programmes, services used and products sold. Chinese weight management and/or loss clinics record double digit annual growth

The series covers weight treatment therapies markets in the US, France, Germany, UK & Ireland. Diagonal Reports tracks the wellness and beauty market worldwide. It researches developments in cosmetic medicine, fitness and wellness markets worldwide.

Diagonal Reports tracks the wellness and beauty market worldwide. It researches developments in cosmetic medicine, fitness, wellness and beauty clinic, spa and salon markets worldwide.

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