Skincare products, the very core of the beauty market, are being challenged and changed by developments from outside of beauty.

The legacy skincare products, that once dominated the market and defined the category, have been knocked off the perch. New consumer expectations and behaviour are transforming the skincare market and eroding some categories that once were the quasi monopoly of traditional products. New products and brands, many from outside beauty, are taking sales.

We identity the strategic responses used by successful products and brands. We explain the new expectations which will dominate the skincare market, and identify the drivers of organic sales growth in beauty. We identify how brands winning sales are taking advantage of changes in consumer beauty behaviour.

Our key learnings on the US skincare market and consumer behaviour are presented as four major themes:

Theme 1) The New Mega Trends Shaping Skincare We identify the eight new mega trends and describe the resulting skincare market opportunities and product solutions in different price segments. We explain the market gaps for products and how these must be packaged, marketed and referenced in order to align them with consumer needs.

Theme 2) Brands and Companies Making Waves We identify a roster of names* in the different segments which are benefiting from change. We map these by the category in which they are active and show the strategies that drive their sales and why they are growing. (*New types of skincare not seen before in the legacy market.)

Theme 3) New Consumer Skincare Behaviour We describe the new skincare culture, explaining consumers' new values, their expectations of new outcomes and the different skincare behaviours that have transformed the beauty market.

Theme 4) New Beauty Roadmap Beauty terminology used by people has changed precisely they are describing changes. The old map is outdated and no longer serves as a useful guide to the skincare market or consumer. In our new map we reconceptualise skincare, including the new categories, products, formulations and entirely new solutions which have come from 'outside the cosmetic box'.

This analysis(published September 2015) presents both a strategic overview of and a granular perspective on the US skincare consumer behaviour and market. Our findings are based on our on-going interviews with beauty and skincare category experts and our proprietary consumer intelligence.

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