The Reconfiguration of Beauty and its Impact on Retail
(Opportunities in the Modern Beauty Culture/Industry for Retailers and Department Stores)

Legacy or traditional beauty accounts for a shrinking proportion of sales as consumers divert their spending to other types of beauty. These new concepts - are not just cannibalising but -are also growing the overall beauty market.

This fundamental transition in the global beauty culture has created opportunities for department stores and retailers to increase footfall, sales of products and services.

Our analysis explains:

Section 1) Opportunities (at a glance)
We summarise the opportunities which are available in the modern beauty industry

Section 2) What is the modern beauty culture?
Modern beauty is where consumers benefit from the new (i.e., convenience, results-based outcomes) combined with the best of legacy beauty (e.g., guidance, the 'me' moment).

Section 3) Why ($) stores must sell modern beauty?

Section 4) What are the specifics of the modern beauty culture/industry?
Beauty has left the 'cosmetic box' never to return. Legacy beauty now competes for sales with {ii} Beauty as Wellness, {iii} Tech Beauty and {iv} Scientific Beauty which are more attractive to key consumer segments.

Section 5) Product retailing in the modern beauty culture.
Product retailing is a significant driver of profits in the modern beauty industry. Many retailers are missing out on sales because the beauty products that people are buying are not on the shelves in their stores. We identify the products, tools, technologies required by consumers because they are part of the modern beauty culture. We explain how beauty communications have been reconfigured.

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