The US Medical Spa Market - The Medicalisation of Beauty


The democratisation of medical aesthetics fuels strong growth for medspas, aesthetic laser treatments and physician skincare brands. According to US medical spa managers, "ordinary" people are increasingly buying aesthetic treatments and services. Med spas are seeing a wider range of new clients, such as men, ethnic and younger consumers though the older, affluent woman remains the most important medical-cosmetic customer.

Cosmetic or non-invasive procedures generate most revenues because clients want effective results, fast treatments and no down or recovery time. Skincare, which removes or reduces the signs of ageing such as age spots and wrinkles, is driving this market while hair removal for both men and women can account for more than 50% of business in US medspas.

Laser and light based device procedures can generate up to 80% of sales. Technically innovative lasers, which treat an ever wider range of conditions, will drive higher rates of growth as pigmentation, acne, tattoos, redness, sun damage, veins, psoriasis, lesion removal and skin rejuvenation procedures become available in medspas. The launch of effective and non-surgical treatments for obesity or excess body fat will be the “holy grail” of the global laser and medspa market. But market experts warn that body contouring and anti-cellulite devices must deliver results in order to succeed.

In little more than a decade the US medspa market has come from zero to a one billion US$ market. However this new market is restricted to companies and products which meet specific criteria. The blurring of boundaries between cosmetic and medicine has generated uncertainites but suppliers and medspas which want to carve out a niche must differentiate themselves from the cosmetic market. Key distinctions include clinical data, evidence backed results, FDA approval and doctor, physician or pharma skincare brands

Diagonal Reports has now published its latest report on the US Med Spa Market. Diagonal Reports specialises in the beauty and wellness market. It tracks medical, dental and day spas, hair and beauty salons, fitness clubs, wellness hotels, thermal springs, express and slimming clinics worldwide

Source Diagonal Reports conducted interviews with leading US medspas, representing thousands of service visits, to determine demand for medspa treatments and procedures.

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