Medicalised Beauty Market China


Demand for medicalised beauty outstrips supply in China

The premium market segment accounts for a quarter of entire sector

Sales expected to grow by 40% over next three years

June 2015

Skincare reigns supreme in China. Chinese women are prepared to pay for effective facial care products and treatments because they want perfect skin and have very exacting standards. They spend proportionately more per capita on skincare than their Caucasian counterparts. The skincare category accounts for most of the personal care market in China which is also one of the largest world markets for luxury skincare products.

A huge industry has developed to meet high consumer demand for skincare. Spa chains, which combined have many tens of thousands of units nationally, provide routine skincare treatments and, in addition, their VIP spas offer a range of minor and not so minor aesthetic procedures.

But it does not stop there. Chinese women, in their quest for perfect skin and enhanced beauty, have enthusiastically embraced aesthetic medicine. Technology and science whether lasers/IPL, fillers or cosmetic surgery - are recognised as very effective ways of delivering the desired outcomes. These can be a blemish-free skin and altered facial features (eg Asian eye procedure) or body parts (eg, breast enhancements).

Artificial beauty is now widely accepted by Chinese society, especially urban dwellers. It is fair to say that cosmetic surgery is now viewed as a quite normal procedure much like teeth straightening is regarded in the west. The beauty market in China is a predominantly young market. The pursuit of a flawless skin rather than anti-ageing (eg, prevention or removal of lines) is the main driver in contrast to more mature US and European markets.

Demand for medicalised beauty now outstrips supply. Sales of invasive and non-invasive treatments are forecast to increase by almost 40% over the next three years according to new research published by Diagonal Reports. The aesthetics industry in China is gearing up to meet this higher demand. Some of the Chinese laser clinic chains interviewed by Diagonal Reports plan to double the number of units they operate. This expansion will take place outside the tier-one cities.

The premium segment accounts for almost a quarter of the value of the medicalised beauty market. These clinics can command up to a 100% price premium for their cosmetic surgery procedures. The importance of this segment is due to a number of factors. The main issues are that consumers feel they lack protection as regulations have yet to catch up with an industry still in its infancy and they also fear the consequences of botched procedures.

Foreign companies and brands, which can guarantee the highest of quality standards and the best technology, are knocking on an open door.

This new research report Chinese Medicalised Beauty Market focuses on demand for lasers/IPL, fillers and cosmetic surgery in China.

Findings are based on an analysis of in-depth discussions conducted with cosmetic surgery hospitals and laser/IPL clinics in China in August 2011

Medicalised Beauty Market China
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