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The Global Health & Fitness Club Market 2002

The global health and fitness market is very positive. In the many different markets in the global Diagonal Reports Health and Fitness Club study the 10% growth rates that were typical in 2001 are expected to continue. The sector can at least double current market penetration rates. For example, from 3% of the population in most of Europe and Asia to the 10% level in the USA.

Growth strategies
The reports identify how different segments of the club market and different strategies increase sales and profitability. For example, the profit strategy in the 'entrance club' segment is based on maintaining high volumes of new members and low costs. Membership periods are short in 'entrance clubs' due to their limited facilities, equipment and also service levels. For example, it is not uncommon for members to have to queue to use equipment.

The multi-purpose centres
At the other end of the club market outlets are multi-purpose centres where members can engage in wide variety of activities. The can include exercising, swimming, playing sports, using relaxation areas, eating and drinking, visiting a hair, beauty or spa salon, using a creche or laundry, availing of dietary and medical advice, and socialising.

Clean and odour free
No matter what type of club they choose consumers are more demanding than ever. Clean, odour-free (of sweat) facilities are essential. Japanese consumers are among the most exacting in the world. Their top complaints, about 'hairs in bathrooms' and 'dirty lockers,' are echoed in many other markets.

Changing consumer profiles
The reports identify changes in consumer profiles and market-specific consumer niches. Globally, clubs no longer draw solely on their traditional, but limited, consumer base young, male body builders. Potential members now include the far larger numbers who aspire to 'fitness' because they are aware of the long-term health benefits of exercise, along with the even larger number of people who simply want to relax.

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