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The obligation to look good requires total image solutions from Mexican beauty market

June 2007

Increased concern about personal appearance is driving strong growth in the Mexican professional beauty channel. Salon and spa managers in Mexico stress that consumers not only want to “look beautiful,” but also “to look good – that is, healthy.” Looking good has now become a social obligation and is forcing change on salons and spas in Mexico.

This demand for ‘total beauty’ or ‘full service’ is partly due to time pressures. For example, in hair salons, clients request additional beauty services in order to make better use of their time. Change is being demanded from traditional hair salons and beauty institutes as people see beauty as not just appearance, but looking healthy, radiant, and young.

Successful salons/spas in Mexico have adjusted their service and treatments menus to cater to new consumer demands. They do so by offering a variety of different services which not only benefit the skin but also help clients relax. ‘Total image’ services such as a haircut, face care, and body treatments must be provided by salons and spas which want to retain and attract clients.

Consumers have identified age, stress, fatigue, tension, tobacco, climate, and heat damage as the enemies of healthy skin and they want these concerns to be addressed. But, it is new beauty service providers such as spas, medical spas and laser clinics which are benefiting from these changes in consumer behaviour.

Many Mexican medspas combine ancient (or Pre-Hispanic) therapies with the latest in modern medspa treatments. The fastest growing medical spa treatments are massages to reduce weight (“reductive massages”), cellulite, or stress, and also facial rejuvenation. Recently, there has been strong growth in demand for anti-stress (relaxation) massages. However, some anti-stress (fatigue, tension) treatments are often simply adding value to other services, sometimes by playing music during a massage treatment.

Title: The Mexican Professional Beauty Market 2007 (Size and Structure of the Salon and Spa Market in Mexico)
Report published: June 2007
Pages: 89

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