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Demand for Hair Removal Treatments in Spain Grows Strongly

Demand is very strong for hair removal or depilatory treatments in Spanish salons. Women in Spain are among the “heaviest” users of professional hair removal treatments. They depilate or remove hair from more body parts, and start to depilate at an earlier age than in other European countries. The market is growing at more than 20% per annum, as Spanish women have begun to depilate more than the “traditional body zones” and as men become important clients for hair removal treatments.

Hair removal is one of the top five salon services and can account for approximately 33% of beauty salon and spa revenues in Spain. Spending is aesthetically driven as people use salon depilatory services to enhance their personal appearance by removing unwanted hair.

Wax is the leading hair removal or depilatory method in Spanish beauty salons / spas. It is closely followed by laser devices, including Intense Pulses Light (IPL), and electric devices and tools.

The traditional beauty salon, which specialises in waxing, accounts for most of the hair removal market. however, new market entrants, among them, the medspas (or medical spas) that specialise in laser and IPL hair removal treatments are increasing their sales.

In Spain, different players compete for control of the growing and profitable laser hair removal market, and indeed other new non-surgical beauty services. There is competition between medical profession (doctors), and beauty industry (laser technicians) about who will control the laser business. There is no recognised training certification for laser technicians.

Spending on, and prices of, hair removal will increase, largely due to the greater demand for the more expensive laser, and IPL treatments.

Body areas or zones depilated include legs, brows, upper lip, underarms, groin (“Brazilian”), bikini line.

Hair removal treatments include waxing, laser, laser diode, electric and tweezer

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