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UK Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

UK Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

July 2006

Hair salons and beauty salons or day spas benefit from the widespread concern of the British beauty care consumer with their appearance. Hair salons in the UK expect sales to continue growing strongly at approx 22% in 2006. Similarly, beauty salons and day spas benefit from a generalized desire to reduce or delay signs of ageing and their increasing popularity with men and younger people.

The time-pressed client wants convenience and one-stop-shopping for hair and face care needs. Hair salons, which also offer beauty-care services, report higher spending levels. As salons continue to diversify their services and offer more face and body care treatments, hair care services now account for under 50% of UK salon business. This is a fall of almost 10 percentage points in four short years.

The link between beauty and well-being is being strengthened as busy and stressed clients of beauty institutes and day spas use face and skin care treatments not only to enhance their appearance but also to relax and pamper themselves.

“Celebrity sells” as salons linked to celebrity hairdressers outperformed the salon sector. Some registered growth rates of 50% with increases in their number of clients and higher sales of premium priced, designer label hair care brands to customers.

Product retail is becoming increasingly important as a revenue generator for British salons generally with approx three quarters of clients now buying products in the salon for at home use

Source Diagonal Reports conducted interviews with leading UK salons and spas, representing thousands of service visits, to determine demand for haircare, facials and body treatments, evaluate changes in client behavior and identify leading salon and spa brands. This research was conducted in late 2005 (day spas) and early 2004 (hairsalons). Diagonal Reports has the most comprehensive intelligence on the UK hair and beauty care consumer.

Reports These professional beauty market research findings are published in the 2 most recent UK hair and beauty care market reports

Report: The Professional Beauty Market UK 2006 (The UK Day Spa Market 06)
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Published: February 2006
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Report: The Hair Salon Market In The UK 2004
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Published: April 2004
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