Italy Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

Italy Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

July 2006

The widespread concern of the Italian beauty care consumer with their appearance. benefits the entire professional beauty salon (hair salons and beauty salons or day spas) channel in Italy. Similarly, a generalized desire to reduce or delay signs of ageing is boosting growth in beauty institutes and day spas across the country, which report sales increases of 5% annually

The sophisticated Italian consumer prizes new services and the best performing salons constantly experiment to offer new hair colouring techniques to their demanding clients. Chain operators note that experimentation is crucial to maintaining business, particularly in the most fashion conscious cities, such as Milan.

Colouring offers the best growth prospects for the professional hair channel and all salons identifying colouring as the main growth generator. DIY colourers, that is, consumers who buy colorant products at the supermarket and colour their hair at home, provide business for Italian salons. Salons estimate that 40% of their clients are unhappy with the shade of their coloured hair.

Larger salon outlets and those operated by chains are best placed to take market share. They, unlike smaller salons, are able to comply with the more stringent regulatory environment in Italy and with increasing client demand for faster and more complex hair care services.

Source Diagonal Reports conducted interviews with leading Italian salons and spas, representing thousands of service visits, to determine demand for haircare, facials and body treatments, evaluate changes in client behavior and identify leading salon and spa brands. This research was conducted in late 2005 (day spas) and late 2003 (hairsalons). Diagonal Reports has the most comprehensive intelligence on the Italian hair and beauty care market.

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