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France Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

France Hair and Beauty Market Reports 2006

July 2006

The widespread concern of the French beauty care consumer with their appearance. benefits the entire professional beauty salon (hair salons and beauty salons or day spas) channel in France. Salons report sales increases of 6% annually. Similarly, a generalized desire to reduce or delay signs of ageing is boosting growth in beauty institutes and day spas across the country.

French hair salons are rolling out new packages to retain existing clients and attract new customers. Recent developments include the introduction of both fixed price and time services to cater to time- and budget-conscious women.

Well-being is now an intrinsic part of the beauty treatment package. De-stressing treatments have become so popular that most hair salons in Paris now offer scalp massages as part of the routine hair care service.

Colouring, which accounts for almost all technical services, is the backbone of the hair salon business. However, the most popular salon highlighting techniques in France, such as “meches” and “balayage”, are about 50% more expensive than all-over colouring service.

It is estimated that hair care treatments will account for less than two thirds of salon sales by 2007, as salons in France continue to diversify into non hair services to meet the requirements of their clients.

Source Diagonal Reports conducted interviews with leading French salons and spas, representing thousands of service visits, to determine demand for haircare, facials and body treatments, evaluate changes in client behavior and identify leading salon and spa brands. This research was conducted in late 2005 (day spas) and late 2003 (hairsalons). Diagonal Reports has the most comprehensive intelligence on the fashion-forward French hair and beauty care market, which sets trends in Europe and globally.

Who Can Benefit From This Research?
Any large company selling hair and beauty care products or involved in beauty and wellbeing nationally or globally can benefit from this intelligence. They include:
· Personal Care and Cosmetics Product Formulators
· Salon and Spa Operators
· Health and Beauty Retailers

Reports Companies can learn more about these market opportunities in the 2 most recent French hair and beauty care market reports

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