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Beauty Services Market USA 2005

July 2006

Best performing salons record sales increase of approx 9%, despite an overall decline in the frequency of salon visits by women - salons’ core client base. These salons are growing their sales because they understand their clients’ changing beauty care requirements and lifestyles. Diagonal Reports identifies the strategies which allow some beauty service providers to outperform the sector.

Limited time Salons, which increase their sales, know the value of location and one-stop shopping. Businesses, relocating to areas near where their time-poor clients live or work, saw numbers grow by up to 20%. Once inside the salon, cosmetologists, stylists, colorists and manicurists work together to suit consumers’ limited budget of time. Salons which offer carefully selected and priced convenience services such as “head to toe”, “express” and “combination” packages to their time-pressed clients benefit from higher demand.

Personal consultation Regular clients, accounting for anything up to 70% of sales in a typical salon, and the key to its survival and success. The individual consultation retains these existing clients and maintains their spending levels on salon services and products. A personalised touch develops strong client loyalty to the service provider and in-salon retail brands and boosts sales.

New Services Adding non-traditional services to the menu can result in double digit growth rates for salons. The introduction of new services – such as face, body, skin and nail care - attracts new and higher spending consumers such as men and younger women who want new and different beauty care services.

Source Diagonal Reports analysed interviews conducted with hundreds of professional beauty market experts, representing leading US salons and spas, over the last 5 years, to identify and evaluate successful strategies.

The image-enhancement (wellness, feel better, young-looking, look-good) market is crowded with salons, spas and clubs competing for consumers’ time and money. Diagonal Reports evaluated the impact of changing lifestyles on the consumption of beauty care services and products (hair, face, nails, beauty, spa, body, wellness) to identify the most successful sales strategies.

Who Can Benefit From This Research?
Any large company selling personal care, cosmetics, fragrances or involved in beauty/wellness nationally or globally can benefit from this intelligence. They include:
· Health and Beauty Retailers
· Department Stores
· Salon and Spa Operators
· Personal Care and Cosmetics Product Formulators
· Fitness Clubs
· Parapharmacies

Report Title: Beauty Services Market USA 2005.
The Impact of Changing Lifestyles on the Consumption of Services and Products (Hair, Face, Nails, Beauty, Spa, Body).

Pages 22
Published August 2005
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