August 06

Very strong growth in the Egyptian hair salon market
The salon market in Egypt is very positive. Annual growth rates in the professional haircare market in Egypt, in value terms, ranged from 10% to 15% in the 2000/05 period.

Growth drivers
The main drivers of growth are the large percentage of young people in the population in Egypt, greater affluence, and general concern with personal appearance and the promotion of fashion and personal care products in the media, particularly on satellite TV.

Women overtake men
In 2004, women’s salons accounted for half of all outlets, and more than half of salon sales in Egypt. This is a change from the past, when men’s salons accounted for most of the market in value terms

Hair care service
Hair services account for most Egyptian hair salon income, an average of 76% of salon income. They are followed by non-hair (beauty or spa) services, and product retail trails. Salons do not expect any significant change in their sources of income. Hair care will continue to generate most income.

Who Can Benefit?
Any large company selling haircare products or involved in beauty/wellness nationally or globally can benefit from this intelligence. They include:
· Mass-market hair care product formulators
· Direct sellers of cosmetics and haircare
· Retailers (perfumeries, department stores)
· Pharmacy (health & beauty)
· Raw material/specialty chemical suppliers
· Consumer pharmaceuticals

Diagonal Reports plugs into the experts who make the professional haircare care market.
Professional beauty channel experts (eg. salon managers, technicians, colourists, stylists…) are the most knowledgeable experts on this planet on hair care products and on the consumer because of their unique client relationship
The salon relationship is intensive and face-to-face. The service visit is mainly spent discussing appearance problems, solutions and aspirations. Stylists and aestheticians listen to their clients during a 60 minute plus session. It is a long-term relationship lasting years with regular (eg, monthly, quarterly or weekly) service visits.

Diagonal Reports, by interviewing salon experts and tracking sector developments, is best placed to identify and evaluate emerging haircare trends.

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· Series: The Global Professional Salon Market Series, published in 03-05 which includes the US, EU, Japan, China and other key markets. Each report follows the same format and approach to facilitate global and regional comparisons

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