New Devices and Solutions are Turning the Dermatology Market on its Head

Many dermatology companies can be unaware of new and different skincare solutions that are emerging because they are taking place outside the traditional channel (ie., the pharmacy, dermatology clinic) that until recently controlled the medicated-type skincare market for products and treatments.

Skincare devices, offering consultation, diagnosis and treatment, which are now widely available (e.g., beauty counter, spa, and at home ) to consumers are shaping a new skincare market, where dermatology blurs with cosmetic (legacy) skincare. This technology is not the same as or is no better than that used by dermatologists but the consumer, crucially, considers it 'good enough' in terms of outcomes and costs.

The widespread availability and falling prices of devices are making people more aware of skincare problems and solutions. As a result consumer behaviour and attitudes towards dermatology products are changing. Increasing numbers of people will never need to have anything to do with dermatologists and pharmacies. These consumers and their demands are creating a new market (dermatology meets legacy) in skincare.

This development is similar to how mobile phones disrupted not only the fixed land line telephone but also the - previously totally unconnected - camera market.

Our analysis explains just how dermatology is being disrupted:

Section 1) Summary of key learnings on the impact of new solutions on dermatology Changes in skincare needs and opportunities Changes in the competitive landscape Challenges in terms of new channels / players competing for dermatology (medicated-type skincare) sales The reach (value) of this new market (US$bn)

Section 2) A map of the devices market what is being used, where, by who?

Section 3) The new players in new skincare

Section 4) Learnings from consumers' new skincare behaviours and expectations

This is a global analysis with the focus on the largest developed and developing markets of the USA, UK, France, Japan and China.

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