Chemidex users have direct access to global beauty care reports

Co. Meath. Ireland.

October 2, 2006

Diagonal Reports, the leading provider of research reports on the global professional beautycare market, today announced a new partnership with Chemidex, the most powerful document search and retrieval service for chemical companies, including the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Chemidex and Diagonal Reports have agreed to collaborate. Chemidex will provide its users with direct access to Diagonal Reports global beautycare market intelligence reports. Product formulators need to know how consumer and market changes are impacting demand for cosmetics and personal care products. Diagonal Reports’ chemical industry clients straddle new product development, research and marketing as they work to get ahead of new market trends.

Maria Clarke, director of Diagonal Reports, said “ We are very happy to work with Chemidex as we can bring our research reports to the attention of the wider chemical industry worldwide. Chemidex subscribers now have easier access to our reports and, as they identify emerging personal care and cosmetics market opportunities, will benefit from increased sales”

About Diagonal Reports

Diagonal Reports is the leading expert on global professional beauty care market. It specializes in this channel because salons and spas indicate future hair, skin and face care mass market directions. Trends first emerge in the professional channel and are then adapted/translated for the retail market. Research findings are based on in-depth interviews with salon and spa market experts, representing millions of service visits worldwide. Fuller details from or telephone +353-4695-49027

About Chemidex

Chemidex® is the most powerful search engine in the Personal Care & Cosmetics industry, offering specialized information exchange services connecting Formulating Chemists with technical documents, sample requests, and ingredient suppliers' sales and support personnel. Use of the Chemidex cyber-library ("Cybrary") dramatically reduces a formulator's time to locate ingredients and simultaneously improves the speed and quality of a supplier's response to formulator's requests for information.

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