There's a New and Bigger Beauty and Wellness Space

May 2017

Consumers are reallocating their spending and are buying beauty differently. A new and dynamic beauty and wellness space has been created, one that is already double the size of the cosmetic products market.

Innovations and changes in behaviours together have transformed people's expectations of what beauty should deliver. Major new values are shaping consumers' beauty buying decisions.

Waves of disruption are impacting the entire beauty and personal care market. The marketing of beauty must adapt to the new rules of messaging and communication if it is to be effective with buyers in this new space.

Beauty must go outside the 'box' to where the new originated to understand the beauty space and model of today and to get ahead of future market trends.

Diagonal Reports' Beauty Buyer Behaviours and Values analysis is now published.

There is a new and bigger space in beauty

Why does beauty need a new seismograph?

Why is this threat different and more serious?

There are exponential growth rates in this new beauty+ space

The waves of disruption are now sweeping across the entire beauty world

The tectonic plates that underpin beauty have shifted

How new mega categories have been created?

Beauty has been trapped by encumbent categories

What is driving growth in the new beauty space?

New communications drove a coach-and-four through the beauty industry

New marketing and messaging needed in this new beauty space

The messaging of new values to beauty buyers