Communicate with People who are in 'Experience' Mode

April 2017

Our consumer behaviour insight can help companies understand new behaviours and communicate more effectively with people who are now in 'experience' mode.

The social trend towards 'experience' is attracting lots of attention. It's changing how / where people spend their money and their time. Shoppers, rather than being passive consumers of goods and services, want experience - quality time, to make make and share memories.

This trend is new in many categories - like food, beverages and retail generally - but it is long established in beauty, another FMCG category. Beauty is 'me' time which can be understood as 'experience' in its purest form. We know this because we research and track how and why people buy beauty and have significant expertise in this consumer desire for experience.

What has happened is that all people's social (or own) time is now 'me' time which means many consumer and retail categories - like food and beverages - are now caught up in the ever expanding ' me' time.

Buyers and shoppers now have a new mindset - that of experience. Companies and brands in beverages and snacks must communicate more effectively with people who now prioritise experience (over consumption) and must switch to a new mode of engagement.

We can help you make that switch more easily because beauty is paradigmatic of new social trends. Knowing more about beauty behaviours can help you understand this wider social trend that is shaping food and drink consumption.

Contact Diagonal Reports for details on our beauty insight which is a resource for you to learn about this consumer mindset, the values that underpin mew behaviours and to engage more effectively.