Top 10 Beauty Consumer Touch Points

What are the top 10 touch points with today's beauty consumer?

Knowing and using these beauty touch points allows companies to increase sales. They can add value to their marketing and advertising budgets by allocating resources more effectively.

Our interviews with beauty experts allow us to identify the key touch points for hair and skincare buyers.


1.The top 10 touch points for beauty (hair and skincare) buyers.

2.What product and brand information buyers want and where they look. Examples provided of the types (e.g., print, visuals, word of mouth) of information required.

3.How beauty buyers are influenced. Examples provided.

4.How they decide to buy. Examples of ' trust triggers' provided.

5.Names of new beauty icons by geography

6.Case studies and examples of effective and new marketing by geography.

The report is published in March 2015. The analysis is based on our global research conducted in 2014 and 2015 and especially our one-on-one interview with experts in fashion capitals cities (including Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc.) which focused on new beauty consumer touch points.

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